DETAILS:(No0463e) Natural solid black 6.56ct opal loose stone
Stone: Natural solid black opal
Carat: 6.56ct
Dimensions: 27.83mm x 10.17mm Thickness 3.42mm
Shape: Freeform – flat
Colour: Green and blue
Body tone: N4
Transparency: Opaque
Origin: Lightning Ridge NSW Australia
Note: Vivid green and blue colours from most of the angles.
There is a clay spot back of the stone.
*Last picture is back of the stone.
*Coin show in photo is Australian two-dollar coin. Size 20.50mm (0.80 inch) diameter.

The item on video link.

About opal colours photographs: The colours of an opal shown in photographs vary in different lighting and
the angle of the shots. To best show the colours of the opals I sell, I take photos from different angles and
different lighting conditions to give you the truest possible images of my opals.
Please see above video of this opal. It was taken in a photo studio under LED lights.

Black Opal: Black Opal is found mainly at Lightning Ridge N.S.W. 600km northwest of Sydney.
First noticed in the late 1800’s, it wasn’t until 1905 that the first shafts were dug and a layer of black “potch”
(non-precious opal) was discovered. Within this layer of potch is found precious opal called Black Opal a name
they have because of their dark body colour that ranges from light grey to dark black. Their rarity makes them
the most valuable of all opals.

Body Tone: Opal body tone is classified using a chart created by the Opal Association here in Australia.
An opal’s body tone is determined when the stone is viewed face-up and range from the darkest “N1” to the lightest “N9”.

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