DETAILS: No2294A Natural solid boulder opals 1.85ct set of 3
 Stone  Natural solid boulder opals
 Carat   1.85ct (3 pieces)
 Dimensions   5.33mm x 4.02mm Thickness 2.03mm (0.35ct) – left side
6.00mm x 5.08mm Thickness 2.47mm (0.61ct)
7.47mm x 4.93mm Thickness 2.69mm (0.89ct) – right side
(at the longest point)
 Shape   Freeform 
 Colour   Pink, aqua, purple
 Transparency   Opaque 
 Origin   Winton, Queensland, Australia
 Note   *The right side of the stone has natural white lines in the photos that are not cracks and they are hardly visible to the naked eye.
Last picture is back of the stones. 
   All photos were taken under natural light.
 Coin show in photo is Australian two-dollar coin.Size 20.50mm diameter.
*Please check the measurements before purchase, the items appear bigger in photos.

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