DETAILS: No5843A2 Natural solid boulder opal loose stone 10.40ct set of 2
 Stone  Natural solid boulder opals 
 Carat   10.40ct (2 pieces)
 Dimensions   18.55mm x 8.90mm Thickness 3.33mm (4.91ct) – left side
18.51mm x 9.00mm Thickness 3.94mm (5.49ct)- right side
(at the longest point)  
 Shape   Freeform 
 Colour   Green, blue, pink, brown
 Transparency   Opaque 
 Origin   Winton, Queensland, Australia
 Note   *The left side of the stone has a slight concave.
Last picture is back of the stones. 
   All photos were taken under natural light, sunlight and LED lights.
*Please check the measurements before purchase, the items appear bigger in photos.

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