DETAILS: No2527 Natural solid boulder opals & light opal set of 3
 Stone  Natural solid boulder opals
Natural solid light opal crystal 
 Total carat   1.32ct (3 pieces)
 Dimensions   Boulder opal: 7.21mm x 4.32mm Thickness 1.98mm (0.57ct)  left side
Light opal: 3.85mm x 3.85mm Thickness 1.83mm (0.19ct)
Boulder opal: 6.47mm x3.85mm thickness 2.61mm (0.56ct)
(at the longest point)
 Shape   Freeform  / Round 
 Colour   Dark purple, light blue, green, pink, aqua
 Transparency   Opaque / Translucent 
 Origin   Winton, Queensland, Australia / Coober Pedy, SA, Australia 
 Note   Last picture is back of the stones. 
   All photos were taken under natural light.
 Coin show in photo is Australian two-dollar coin.Size 20.50mm diameter.
*Please check the measurements before purchase, the items appear bigger in photos.

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